Mostly True.

(full stop)

A storytelling podcast that attempts to prove you have a story. Yes, you.


A Podcast Made up of Wine and (Mostly) Truth.


We're Jen and Briddany. We tell you (mostly) true stories and get all kinds of other people to tell you stories, too. It nearly always gets inadvertently morbid. There's a whole lot of swearing. Most of the time there's a moment where you hear wine being poured. There's a golden retriever named Lloyd. Do we have to keep going? Cause we will. We can.

Don't test us.


Host, Editing, giving Jesus his best life / Jen
Host, Research, mm-hmm-ing into a wine glass / Briddany
mostly-absent Archivist / Chris
Storytellers of mostly true content / rotating cast



Gorgeous and entirely accurate artwork by Rebecca Shelton